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Petrolera Transoceanica S.A. focuses its efforts on a safe, reliable and efficient operation of ships and tugs in order to achieve full satisfaction of our customers’ requirements and expectations, in addition to a high commitment to occupational health on the part of our staff. To do this, we have a Quality, Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Integrated Management System that meets the following international standards:

International Safety Management

ISM (International Safety Management)

The purpose of this Code is to provide an international standard for managing the safety of ships and the prevention of pollution. The ISM Code was adopted by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and represents an international standard for managing the safety of ships and pollution prevention. ISM certification is mandatory for all vessels over 500 GT. The purpose of the ISM Code is to: - Ensure maritime safety. - Avoid personal injury or loss of life. - Avoid damage to the environment and to the ship.

Quality Certification

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001: 2015 is a demonstration of the commitment to quality by Petrolera Transoceanica, based on what we believe are the eight fundamental principles for good corporate governance: - Customer orientation. - Leadership. - Involvement by the staff. - Process-based focusing. - System approach to management. - Continuous improvement. - Factual approach to decision making.  - Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Environmental Certification

ISO 14001:2015

Petrolera Transoceánica has ISO 14001: 2015 certification, and it has the commitment to implement an environmental management plan in its operations, including environmental objectives and targets, policies and procedures with defined responsibilities and training activities. Concerned about the environment, with this certification, Transoceanica seeks to reduce the impact on the environment, improving the use of resources, reducing the use of energy and optimizing waste management.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 45001:2018

Health and Safety in the workplace are key to any organization, because, what good is it for a company to produce if the people working in it are at risk of being hurt? This system helps us protect our workers by an internationally accepted specification that defines requirements for establishing, implementing and operating an effective Occupational Safety and Health Management System.

Seguridad y Control en los Servicios


BASC, is the voluntary program, grants a certification that confirms the control work in all the production processes, packaging, shipment and transport of the cargo that goes abroad, guaranteeing that the cargo has no possibility of contamination ( contraband and drugs). ENCOURAGING a culture of safety and protection in all services. ESTABLISHING AND MANAGING the management system in control of the logistics chain. GENERATING trust and credibility.