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PETRANSO: Accomplished the BASC Certification

Petrolera Transoceánica is committed to quality service and safety for its customers, through the BASC Certification. BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) is an international business alliance that promotes safe trade in cooperation with governments and international organizations, encouraging a culture of security and protection in international trade, handling the management system in control and security of the supply chain, generating trust and credibility. The BASC certification is based on compliance with 20 requirements and standards related to cargo safety, personnel safety, process safety, technological safety, awareness of possible threats, among other issues. This certificate will be for the Petranso office and the five tugboats in the port of Callao. This is an important effort made by Petranso, after being the first company of the group that is managing this important certificate, since it has obtained the BASC certification on May 2018 and be part of a select group of companies that provide a quality service to the supply chain in international trade. Petranso, bound for excellence!


Oiltanking is one of the largest tank terminal operators in the world. Currently, Oiltanking operates 73 terminals in 24 countries and has a capacity of more than 150 million barrels of storage in five continents. In Peru, Oiltanking is the operator of the Pluspetrol Terminal in Pisco, where Petrolera Transoceanica offers the service of Tugboats to the ships that operate there. Worldwide, Oiltanking conducts an annual competition and evaluates among all the suppliers that provide service, the safety of its operations in the 74 terminals. This global assessment is carried out within the Global Safety Day and this year, it was held on March 27. On this occasion, Petrolera Transoceanica was distinguished at the global level with the "HSSE Contractor Bronze Award 2018", for having achieved more than 50,000 hours of work without accidents, making us creditors of this important badge, which is a worldwide recognition which has been obtained thanks to the efforts of the entire Transoceanic Petroleum team, applying our safety culture in each of our operations. Sincere congratulations to the entire team and to continue working with the same effort and dedication.

First Ship to Ship Operation with Fendercare

During the first months of April 2018, Petrolera Transoceanica and Fendercare, a leading company worldwide in the Ship to Ship operations (STS), agreed to provide support services to the STS operations that are carried out in the Callao area. With great satisfaction we communicate that this August 15, this Association carried out the first STS and transfer between two ships of high board. On this occasion, it was between two gas carriers, the "Parthia" ship and our "Mar Pacífico" Ship. On the 14th, we proceeded to install 4 Yokohama Fenders 6.5 meters long x 3.3 meters in diameter and 2 Baby Fenders 2 meters long by 1.20 meters in diameter in the nave godmother (which on this occasion was the "Parthia") . The purpose, is that these defenses or fenders, serve as protection to prevent friction between two ships that are together to perform an STS. At 01:18 hours on the 15th, the ship "Mar Pacífico" completed its approach and mooring to the vessel "Parthia", initiating the transfer of LPG at 04:24. It concluded, according to the schedule at 23:18 on August 15, transferring a total of 12,700 tons. To be able to carry out this operation with security and efficiency in the service, it was very important the participation of a whole team of people, as well as implements and equipment of high quality. This is a high risk operation, which requires a very detailed planning and that must be fulfilled by all the participants. The captains and the endowments of each ship are key. It also details the main participants that perform an important task in this operation: - (POAC) Person Overall Advisory Control - Pilot - Maneuvers - Hoseman - Tugs - Crew boats - Defenses (Yokohama Fenders) - Ropes - Oil Spill Fenders -Maritime agency This first operation allowed the safe transfer of 12,700 tons of LPG (propane and butane). We congratulate the captain of the ship Mar Pacifico, with all his crew, as well as the ground support team that made this first STS operation possible in a safe and efficient way.


No activity can develop properly, if we do not do things clearly and transparently, following the rules of conduct and laws. That is why our 3 values: Commitment, Trust and Excellence, has been added the value of Integrity, which is, the quality that a person has to act and behave always with rectitude, honesty, truth and justice Integrity is to maintain the coherence between what you feel, what you say and what you do, and has the courage to do things in the way that seems most appropriate. In Transoceanica, people are expected to maintain solid principles in all our actions. This behavior must prevail under any circumstance. No one of the Company may request or imply any collaborator, to act improperly, according to the laws and rules of conduct established in the Ethics Guide, which, together with the Values ​​and Objectives, establish the expected behavior guidelines. An inappropriate act is not justifiable, even when its result generates a benefit for the Company.